Brenner Associates International

The Brenner Difference

Unmatched commitment. Unparalleled focus.

Why Choose Brenner Advisors


Unparalleled client attention

We devote ourselves exclusively to the service of our clients, ensuring each search receives the most senior, professional and personal attention throughout the process.

Long-term commitment

We prize and develop long-term partnerships that extend beyond the finish line of any given search.

Exclusive network of contacts

We have the resources, tools and know-how to make the most of our extensive propriety network of contacts.


We focus on timelines and stick to deadlines, understanding the urgency associated with each and every search.

Tailored expertise

We study all facets of your company, its industry and culture, becoming intimately familiar with your marketplace and the driving forces behind your business.


We become an ambassador for your organization: interacting with customers and competitors at a senior level, creating new relationships and manifesting goodwill.

Infectious enthusiasm

We generate great interest for your company and its career opportunities by sharing our sincere enthusiasm throughout regional, national and international marketplaces.


We have an eye for exceptional talent and deliver high-quality candidates from a diverse slate of backgrounds and experiences.

No restrictions

We are not hampered by excessive off-limits or other internal restrictions; we target and approach the best-matched candidates from virtually unlimited sources.


24/7 availability

We respond and work around-the-clock to accommodate your needs, providing status reports on a regular basis so you are always up to speed.