Brenner Associates International


Passion. Experience. Diligence.



Founded with client service at the core of our philosophy, Brenner Advisors seeks to bridge the gap between larger search firms and the real-world needs of client companies. Our smaller size affords greater flexibility and focus, while the international scope of our searches remains uncompromised. We work exclusively with our clients—side by side and face to face—communicating on a daily basis in order to secure the most talented and well-matched candidates.

Every search receives our same exhaustive commitment, no matter the size of the client company or the parent industry. We are most interested in the quality of our searches, not the quantity, and we seek to establish genuine relationships with our clients that extend well beyond the finish line of any single executive search.




The Philosophy

Our core commitment to ongoing and meaningful relationships forms our corporate vision as a whole: we celebrate all successes but truly cherish long-term alliances. We value the understanding that history affords and continually work to build relationships with both our corporate clients and individual candidates. We are consultative rather than transactional, action-oriented rather than sales-based, and prone to discourage multiple short-term relationships in favor of deeper longer-lasting ones that invariably yield greater successes and continued results.



The talent

Our ability to deliver what we promise—to find the perfect fit—is the direct result of the unmatched commitment we provide. We raise the bar on the quality of a typical search by immersing ourselves in every aspect of the companies we represent, absorbing the intimate and often intuitive details necessary in order to find and recruit the most qualified and complementary candidates. We apply the same method to the recruitment and evaluation of the candidates themselves: building a sincere relationship with each individual that reveals their true breadth of talent and depth of character. This rigorous devotion and focus enables us to exceed even our most demanding clients’ expectations.



The goal

The quality of our national and international searches, combined with our commitment to client service, provides the recipe for our continued success. We seek to bring every essential ingredient to the table through the timely and successful execution of search assignments and by professionally representing our clients in the highly competitive executive talent marketplace. At the end of the day, our primary objective is to act in the best interest of the organizations and candidates we represent. In doing so, we hope to earn and maintain the highest degree of their continued trust and respect.