Brenner Associates International

Our Approach

Proven Approach. Perfect Fit.

How We Operate


Our proven approach and sound methodology enable us to complete comprehensive searches with both speed and accuracy. We identify, attract and evaluate a group of outstanding candidates and then, from that exclusive pool, allow our clients to select the individuals who best meet or exceed their present and future goals.


Initial position analysis

We meet personally with each client in a pre-search conference to establish a position specification and identify the qualities desired in the candidate. This initial meeting allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the client’s organization, working environment, specific requirements and objectives, as well as the role the selected individual will play in the organization as a whole. Our primary goal is to understand the type of candidate who will best fit the personality, culture, and expectations of our client’s organization.

Extensive research

Once we have established the criteria for candidate selection, we research hundreds of possible sources. A careful analysis of the key organizations and competitors allows us to identify the institutions most likely to employ the type of individual desired. We also follow-up on leads within our own extensive database and network of personal contacts.

Comprehensive sourcing

We then begin a comprehensive program to contact sources and identify prospective candidates. Scores of candidates may be screened, with perhaps a dozen surviving the process. Each round eliminates a percentage of the pool by comparing and contrasting backgrounds and experience.

The most qualified candidates are also the individuals most highly regarded by their own companies: they are well-compensated and usually satisfied with their current position. Attracting and engaging these high-performance professionals can be a challenge, but our strong communication skills, combined with years of recruiting experience, make the difference. We attract experienced candidates who would typically not respond to a recruiting call.

Thorough candidate evaluation

Interviews are conducted with the most promising candidates. Our in-depth appraisal interviews facilitate an objective assessment of each candidate in the specific light of our client’s requirements. We consider all vital information, from factual data (experience, background, education and current compensation, for example) to less discrete characteristics such as personality, managerial style, growth and personal achievement. In turn, the leading candidates receive our candid but thorough description of our client’s organization, work environment and career opportunities.

Reference checking

All backgrounds and references are thoroughly investigated. We fully document the results, including references from prior managers, verifying position functions and accomplishments as well as performance strengths and weaknesses. The client receives these written references along with a comprehensive detailed report on each selected candidate.

Confidential recruiting

Throughout all phases of the search process, we communicate with clients and candidates with the utmost respect and confidentiality—accommodating the sensitive nature of the search. We present each prospect to the client for preliminary evaluation, arranging all interviews and coordinating travel. We follow up with candidates after each evaluation to determine their level of interest and possible concerns. When an offer is extended, we assist in the negotiation process in order to maintain open channels of communication.

Ongoing follow-up

Once the candidate begins the new position, we remain in close contact with both the client and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition and satisfactory completion of our assignment. This ongoing practice provides our clients with a truly comprehensive search. We offer continuity and responsiveness from start to finish.