• Why retained executive search?

    As a retained search firm, we maintain exclusive contracts with our clients the highest degree of confidentiality in today’s competitive marketplace. We effectively act as a management consulting arm of our client companies and provide the flexibility, objectivity and experience to find the best possible match for any executive position. Our clients choose us because our candidates, our advice and all that we do is based on the power of ideas and a dedication to excellence.

  • How we operate

    Our proven approach and sound methodology enable us to complete comprehensive searches with both speed and accuracy. We identify, attract and evaluate a group of outstanding candidates and then, from that exclusive pool, allow our clients to select the individuals who best meet or exceed their present and future goals.

    Initial position analysis
    We meet personally with each client in a pre-search conference to establish position specification and identify the qualities desired in the candidate. This initial meeting allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the client? organization, working environment, specific requirements and objectives as well as the role the selected individual will play in the organization as a whole. Our primary goal is to understand the type of candidate who will best fit the personality, culture, and expectations of our clients organization.